Dear associates, colleagues and anyone interested, we would like to attract your attention to the important information regarding the activities of any nature (including, but not limited to informational, educational,and promotional)pertaining to and/or using the hardware-software spectral correction system "Device -ѻ 33.1-33741869-001:2006 (hereinafter - SCS-BARS).

Owners and copyright holders related to SCS-BARS, as well as the SCS-BARS manufacturers, provide protection and fulfill control over the copyrights and their legitimate holders interests, as well as taking preventive measures in relation to unauthorized use and/or abuse of their legitimate rights and interests.

To achieve the above, as well as to prevent corruption/distortion/misrepresentation of data on medical device SCS-BARS and its facilities, counteract manipulations with public opinion and consciousness, to impedeunauthorized use of SCS-BARS device/s and intangible assets related to SCS-BARS for any purposes (including illegal commercial using), please be aware on the following:

● Data on our official partners, as well as on the volume and sphere of their authorities,their due contact and responsible persons, are compulsorily placed on the sites www.gmmcc.com.ua; www.ksk-bars.com. You can also verify the validity of published data and any other information you are interested in by sending a voluntary request via the above-mentioned websites or by e-mail to: e-mail -. , Java-Script , copying to e-mail -. , Java-Script & e-mail -. , Java-Script Any person whose data are absent from the section about our official partners on the website or a person acting beyond the vested into such person rights and powers, considered to act in bad faith (hereinafter - the bad faith persons).

● The sole authorized representative of the owners and holders of the know-how related to SCS-BARS on the territory of Ukraine is the manufacturer: LLC "Corporation" Information Medicine". Mentioning or reference to the involvement into the technology, the trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights related to SCS-BRAS, made by/on behalf of any other person are baseless and illegal, except the cases where the validity of such representations shall be confirmed by LLC "Corporation" Information Medicine" in written. Abroad from Ukraine all and any issues connected to SCS-BARS are under the competence of SCS BARS LIMITED (Republic of Cyprus, e-mail -. , Java-Script ) and third parties, authorized by SCS BARS LIMITED in written.

● Seminars, conferences, information and/or advertising campaigns, newsletters and any other information activities both commercial and free of charge regardless the format of presentation and/or conduction (including those using electronic means of communication, such as webinars) are carried out only under condition they have been prior fully approved in all aspects by the manufacturer and/or the copyright holders (depending on nature of an event) that shall be confirmed in written.

● Doctors (operators) training, workshops/master classes on SCS-BARS device, advisingand/or consulting on SCS-BARS exploitation, both of general and specialized nature, are carried out exclusively in accordance with the educational materials developed in compliance with the officially ratified Instructions on medical use of SCS-BARS and approved by the manufacturer and shall be carried out by personsthat have been duly authorized for such actions/activities.

● SCS-BARS technical support issues are assigned to the exclusive competence of the manufacturer.

●SCS-BARS doctors (operators) datacan be always checked by sending a request via the website or e-mail: e-mail -. , Java-Script , copying to e-mail -. , Java-Script .

Kindly remember if a third party* does not provide you with comprehensive information either restricts access to supporting documentation and/or refuse to become familiar with it, shall you decide to establish contact/relationship or maintain cooperation with such person that will be done at your own risk and under your own personal responsibility; neither manufacturernor the copyright holders have any connection and shall be liable for any results/consequences of interaction/collaboration with bad faith persons. Be careful, do not let your interest in knowledge and new technologies be exploited illegally, please always check the validity of proposals prior to express consent for acceptance. The owner, manufacturers and copyright holders will protect their rights and legitimate interests according to law. We will appreciate receiving any information on facts of SCS-BARS unauthorized using or bad faith activities. We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation!

Note: Any person/entity other than the manufacturer, owners, copyright holdersspan>.