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Anti-Terror Bomb Destroyer (ATBD)
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  Currently no country has effective and safe technology for destroying either conventional or homemade explosives.  Further more, terrorists are actively developing more powerful and dangerous explosives that are triggered from farther away or autonomously.
         Most widely used explosion disarmament method is with a group of highly trained technicians and dogs.  Their operation can take up to an hour to clear a 1-square-meter surface bomb, way too long considering the ever-growing danger or explosion.
         Our technology offers a safer way to destroy explosives from a distance suing electromagnetic pulses.  When the ATBD is aimed at the explosive the following happen:
1.      The waves penetrate the surface of the bomb all the way to the explosive.
2.      The waves act like a microwave does on water molecules, heating up the explosive to the point of explosion. Due to the way this works, it can destroy many different types of bombs,
3.      Aiming ATBD at the control unit (computer) will short-circuit it and causing the explosive to either explode immediately or disarming it completely. 

Technical Overview of explosive 0.65 feet under relatively dry ground:
1.      Device is movable 10° horizontally and vertically
2.      Pulse frequency 12 GHz
3.      Maximum pulse strength: 3.6 Giga-volts

Technical Overview of explosive under 3.28 feet underground or submerged:
1.  Device is movable 10° horizontally and vertically
2.      Pulse frequency 22 GHz
Maximum pulse strength: 12 Giga-volts
         The effectiveness of this device has been confirmed by experiments.  One experiment consisted of an electric-detonators being destroyed under 0.2 meters of ground and 12 meters away.

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